Michael Baggs is a social media, brand and music industry consultant, Harvard student and neuroeconomist. When not working for a Fortune 500 tech company he likes candlelit baths, walking in the rain and grindcore.

Hello, I am Baggsy.  I keep finding pictures of me on the internet wearing bandanas I don't remember owning and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't just wear anyone's bandana. 

Over the past decade I have performed in three professional bands, had a publishing contract, worked song-writing for a tv talent show 3rd place finalist and had some really amazing times etched into my long-term memory.  I'm now attempting the least successful comeback ever.

When I'm not making music or burning bbq, I can often be found working as a social media or music industry consultant.  I've done this for almost a decade now and have found myself blessed to work at both the coalface and zenith of strategic thinking for some truly wonderful clients in this time.  I'd like to think that most of the ones who've not had to regularly watch me eat have nice things to say about me.

If you want to fire me some words, drop me a line here @Baggsy