Michael Baggs is a social media, brand and music industry consultant, Harvard student and neuroeconomist. When not working for a Fortune 500 tech company he likes candlelit baths, walking in the rain and grindcore.

Michael Baggs

I am a neuroscientist who studies human decision making to grow businesses  

I love people, and more specifically the brain. Twelve years experience in social and digital has developed into three years of study with Harvard and the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow.  Now I can tell you which part of your brain is doing what when you're looking at an advert.

I love business and building things.  I've helped multinationals with billion dollar revenue streams develop global strategy and start-ups get their claws in the door. I just want to see the team win.

I love music so much that I've had three recording contracts, a publishing deal and even worked song-writing for more successful and better looking artists.

I'm an idiot with a really specific skill set.